Our Surety Law Group represents sureties on a wide range of construction matters involving defending sureties against payment bond claims, performance bond claims, license bond claims and other claims. We have represented sureties on public works, commercial and residential projects with a particular emphasis on high value public works projects. We have successfully defended sureties against claims by all different types of claimants, including laborers, suppliers, subcontractors, prime contractors and owners on a wide range of topics such as claims that a sub-tier contractor failed to pay for certain labor or materials on a given project, that the surety’s principal defaulted on its contract, otherwise abandoned its work, performed defective work and/or delayed the project work. Further, we are knowledgeable of the defenses afforded to the sureties including those not afforded to principals.

  • Purchases and Sales
  • Counseling
  • Facility Accessibility/ADA Compliance
  • Labor & Employment
  • Litigation